315 KV S/C for Hydro-Quebec,Canada


    • Over 350 towers tested
    • Up to 1200 kV tested
    • Tested both lattice and monopole structures
    • Live streaming of tests
    • Destruction testing supported

The Jyoti Group has a state-of-the-art tower testing facility in Ghoti, about a 3-hour drive from Mumbai and in the heart of the beautiful wine capital of India, Nasik.  

Our facility offers automatic load applications with the ability to test towers up to 1200 kV, with a maximum height of 330 feet and a square or rectangle base width up to 85 feet.  We invite our customers to witness their tests first-hand.However, for those who cannot make the trip, we offer streaming video via Internet of all tests in real time.

Customers include:

    • Arizona Public Service (USA)
    • Bonneville Power Authority (USA)
    • ESKOM (South Africa)
    • Hydro Quebec (Canada)
    • Isolux Corsan (USA)
    • Kepco (South Korea)
    • Manitoba Hydro (Canada)
    • National Grid (UK) 
    • Powerlink (Australia) 
    • Powergrid (India) 
    • San Diego Gas & Electric (USA) 
    • SEC (Saudi Arabia) 
    • SNC Lavalin (Canada) and many more. 


Contact Details


3575 Pollok Drive, Conroe, TX 77303                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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