Solar farm under construction


    • AWS certified welding
    • Precision-crafted manufacturing
    • One-source fabrication and galvanizing services

Technologies include:

    • Tower (heliostats, tower structure)
    • Parabolic trough (torque box frames, cantilever arms, pylons and HCE supports)
    • Structures for Lineal-Fresnel technology

50 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant

Jyoti Group supplied over 11,000 metric tons of solar structures/frames for the 50 megawatt Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in India which uses Parabolic Trough Technology. The project utilizes 12 million frames with over 160,000 mirrors combining to a total of 120 loops. The scope of the contract included: fabrication and galvanization of torque box, cantilever arms, pylons (middle, end, shared and drive) and Heat Collector Element (HCE) Supports. This project was energized in May, 2013.


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